How it works

The aim is to place the lowest bid as well as it being unique. That is to say that no one else has placed a similar bid.

In the diagram below there is a simplified example of how a lowest unique bid auction works. More than 1 person has placed a bid at $1.27. $1.27 is the lowest bid, but as more than one person have placed that bid it's not unique. At $1.28 more than one person has placed a bid, but this is neither unique, or the lowest.  At $1.29 only one person has placed a bid, and it's the lowest unique bid - so they're the winner! The bids at $1.30 are not unique while the bid at $1.31 is unique but not the lowest. Remember, that unique bids still have a chance of winning as long as the auction is in progress.

After you have placed your bid your will receive a response regarding the status of your bid. I.e. if it is the lowest unique, unique or not unique.

Earnings bids

This site is entirely free! You earn bids to play by completing surveys and entering competitions. The more you do, the more bids you earn. You can also earn extra bids by referring friends. Simply share your unique referral URL and you'll get 1 bid for every survey they complete.